GUN SAFES: Fast Box sales are growing quickly

The SecureIt Fast box hidden gun safe is quickly becoming the top selling small gun safe in America. The unique and flexible hidden gun safe provides secure storage for up to 2 rifles, handguns and some ammo. “We are really pleased with the accelerating sales of the FAST Box line” stated Tom Kubiniec, SecureIt founder and president. “People are just getting it. We applied our military storage principals to designing the small gun safe and the results were just great.... Read more »

Hidden gun safes: Comparing Barska, AMSEC and SecureIt

Hidden gun safes - Which is best? In this video we compare 3 popular hidden and fast access gun safes Comparing Hidden Gun Safes Proper gun storage requires that all firearms be locked in a safe or secured in a cabinet. While this keeps your guns safe, it has the potential to block your access to the firearms in a crisis situation. Here we compare 3 popular products on the market that each try to address the issue of secure... Read more »

BARSKA Gun Safe: Fails

BARSKA Gun Safe - does not work I am very disappointed in the small quick access biometric rifle safe by Barska, it fails at it's most basic function. It does not do what it claims it can do. The biggest issue we have with this gun safe is the depth. The door is about two inches thick but it is recessed into the cabinet yielding about five and a half inches of usable internal space. The net result is lack... Read more »

Hidden Gun Safe – Firearms, Locked and Out of Sight

Children do not even need to know. Until they are old enough, children do not even need to know there are firearms locked in the house The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) recently published its “Top Ten” list of safety tips firearm owners should remember to help ensure they are taking responsible precautions with firearms in their home. Fast Box Hidden gun safe for fast access Fast Box hidden gun safe has become the most popular small gun safe in... Read more »

Hidden gun safe – Fast Box vertical kit

Convert Fast Box with Vertical Kit Quickly and easily convert your Horizontal Fast box Model 47 or Model 40 to store two firearms vertically for fast access. Our Vertical Kit contains two patented upper cradles with bungees and one lower stock base. This application allows you to properly store two firearms in a vertical position. The Kit: Added to a Fast Box CradleGrid Technology To retro fit a Fast Box you simply place the stock base in the bottom of... Read more »

Hidden gun safe: SecureIt Fast Box 47 Videos

[youtube src = "mgLeOi8eKfs"] The SecureIt® Fast Box™ Model 47 hidden gun safe offers fast access to your home defense or primary firearm. Fast Box, in either a horizontal or vertical application, allows hidden, secure and fast access to a firearm in key locations throughout a home or business. A depth of  13"  allows ample room for a firearm with an optic attached and a 30 round magazine in the mag-well. Best practices for home security and safety require that... Read more »