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Do Modern Gun Safes Put You At Risk?

gun safe lock technology




Gun safe makers are adding these technologies to their safes and cabinets.
Does any of it make you safer?

The short answer is no. In many cases the technology can put you at greater risk.

Gun safe companies are working quickly to adopt new technologies in their safes. Biometrics (fingerprint scanners), Wi-Fi, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and others are being incorporated into almost every safe made. The marketing and sales brochures tout this new technology as the best and most convenient way to secure and access firearms. This is not unique to the gun safe industry.

As new technologies are developed, they are incorporated into many products we use. In many cases the new technology improves the product and user experience. However, in others it is simply a gimmick to add sizzle to otherwise boring products. Their hope is they can entice you to buy, based on the new tech.

In the case of safe manufacturers these new technologies can be problematic and sometimes dangerous.

So how does technology impact your firearm safety and security?

If you have a big heavy safe in a basement or den where you store a bunch of guns and do not really care about fast access, then the technology is of little impact. It may look cool or impress people, but at the end of the day whether you use bio-metric (finger print), RFID or an old school dial lock, you unlock it, open it, then close and lock it. But what about home defense? What about faster access?

Promoting these new technologies as faster, safer and better for home defense is problematic. When you consider what needs to happen to access a secured firearm in a crisis situation, the technology sales pitch falls apart and the use of many of these products puts you at greater risk.

During a break-in or home invasion, the environment is intense, stressful, and can be very loud and confusing. Your adrenaline level will spike, you may be nervous, scared, injured and just play mad. When evaluating fast access gun storage I considering 3 primary characteristics that are critical to your chances for a successful outcome.

1. Always be fast,

2. Always be easy

3. Never fail.

Let’s take a look at how these new technologies fare in real world home defense applications.

Bio-Metric locks

bio-metric safe loc k

This is the most popular “innovation” in gun safe locks. You are told you simply swipe your finger and the safe opens. 

Although this method is relatively simple, the fingerprint scanners only allow for quick and easy access in nearly perfect conditions: If your fingers are dirty you will not get a good read and the safe will not open. If they are wet, it could take many swipes. If you have dry skin, the same thing can happen and should you be wearing gloves, it will not open

Most of these locks have you program several fingers. There is a reason. They want to give you many chances to open the safe should the first finger fail. Keep in mind that this technology is designed to “say no”. What I mean is, while all fingerprints are different, many are very similar. These readers are designed to stay locked unless the scan exactly matches what you have programmed. . Almost anything will cause these locks to decline to open. In a crisis, the privilege of time does not exist.

 Always be fast: Fail Always be easy: Yes Never fail: Fail

WIFI gun safe locks

wifi lock gun safe

Wi-Fi enabled safes allow control of the lock with a cell phone or computer. Using a device, in most cases a smartphone, to open a safe via Wi-Fi is very slow and fails the quick access test.

Ease of access depends on the particular application and the device. Users will have to access the app to open the safe. Depending on the type of app and type of phone, this may be more or less complicated.

Wi-Fi fails all the time. Ask anyone trying to stream a movie, or video conference with others. There are way too many variables failure points to rely on this technology in a true crisis situation.

  Always be fast: Fail Always be easy: FAIL Never fail: Fail

RFID gun safe locks

RFID gun safe lock

Allows you to open a safe by waving a tag in from of it. Similar to many modern hotel door locks. The tag has a small chip with a unique code in it that is read by a transmitter in the lock.

Provided you have the tag, access can be relatively quick and easy.

Most locks come with 4-6 different tags. These tags allow any holder to open your safe. This means that you have to organize and secure your RFID tags and make sure you have one with you at all times. This adds a lot of complexity to your overall home security plan

RFID tags fail. If you travel a lot, you know what it is like to check into a hotel late at night when you are tired, get all the way to your room, only to find out the key does not work. Now you must go back to the lobby with all your bags and get it resolved. For a fast access gun safe in break-in situation, this is not a good solution.


RFID introduce other challenges. To compensate for RFID inconsistencies and lost tags, they all have push button backup locking. People with these locks will initially use a tag to open their safe. Over time they open it less and eventually the tag ends up in the top drawer of a dresser, or on a key chain hanging from a hook near your garage. In the event of a crisis, with no tag, you must now quickly open the lock using the keypad. It this scenario, it’s been a long time since this has been done and the code may be forgotten, and it will certainly take more time to key it in. If it is dark you may need a light to see the keypad. All of this is putting you at much great risk.

Always be fast: FAIL (not without a tag) Always be easy: FAIL Never fail: Fail

The Bottom line

All these new technologies are being added by safe manufacturers to spice up otherwise boring products. There has not been any real innovative change in the gun safe industry in almost 100 years. Simply adopting these technologies into old safes to make it appear better demonstrates a lack of understanding of the basic fundamentals of home defense. As it pertains to fast access and home defense, the new technologies incorporated work against the core function of the product.

A fast access gun safe with a simple push butting lock is consistently the fastest and safest way to secure and access your firearms.

We recommend programming a 4-6 button code. Then practice every day for at least 35 days. After that, practice once a week.

You should have a fast access safe near or under your bed. Every night before you go to sleep. Reach down (in the dark) and enter the code, open the safe, then close it. Doing this every night builds muscle memory and makes it almost an automatic thing. In the event of a break-in, when things seem out of control, you will calmly and quickly enter the code, arm yourself and be in a position to best deal with the threat.

Tom on OAN News
Decentralized gun storage

Fox news interview

FOX News Q&A with Tom – 2nd Amendment

By Tom KubiniecPresident / CEO SecureIt Tactical, Inc. COVID-19, civil unrest and a push to defend police could forever change the 2nd amendment debate. Hollie McKay at Fox News is covering the subject and reached out to me. Here is a excerpt from our Q&A session. Q: Given the circumstances of 2020,

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FOX News Q&A with Tom – 2nd Amendment

By Tom Kubiniec
President / CEO SecureIt Tactical, Inc.

COVID-19, civil unrest and a push to defend police could forever change the 2nd amendment debate. Hollie McKay at Fox News is covering the subject and reached out to me. Here is a excerpt from our Q&A session.

Q: Given the circumstances of 2020, are you surprised that there has been a spike in first time gun owners?

A: Gun sales tend to go up during times of uncertainty but the spike in first time buys is unprecedented.

Q: How big has the swell if new gun owners been?

A: In the first half of 2020 there were 2.5 million first time buyers. That is a 4% increase in gun ownership in a very short period of time. When you consider that the gun ownership rate in America has been quite stable since 1972 this is a huge increase. Gun ownership in America: 40% of US households have guns, 30% of the US adult population have one of more guns.

Q: Are the new gun owners coming from a range of different political and socioeconomic backgrounds?

A: It looks like a lot of individuals who, just a few years ago were fighting for strict gun control are now buying their first guns. Gun sales in more Democrat or liberal states is far outpacing sales in more Republican or conservative states. In recent months, Vermont had a record high for background checks and Delaware (the state with the lowest gun ownership rate in the US) had a record high for gun sales. From February to March 2020 using data from, ammunition purchases in states that voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016 were nearly double that of states that voted for Republican Donald Trump.

Q: Why are they purchasing and what are they generally purchasing?

A: People who just 6 months ago were shouting for bigger government and tougher gun laws and changing their position. The push to defend police at a time of unrest and violence in liberal cities has many Americans for the first time considering personal safety and security as an individual responsibility. Looking at NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) data, handgun sales out paced shotguns by 2 to 1. MSR (modern sporting rifles) were number 3, followed by traditional rifles. The average purchase amount was $594.00. This tells me that most are buying a modestly priced handgun, a holster and a small amount of ammunition. It is very encouraging that most first time buyers have either taken training courses prior to purchase or are inquiring about training at the time of the sale.

Q: Are you seeing people who would not normally have supported gun ownership change their point of view?

A: It may be too early to tell. What we are seeing is many anti gun individuals are simply going silent on the topic. The data shows the surge in first time gun buyers is coming from more left leaning states. These buyers are also taking training classes. They are not just panic buying. They are doing research, learning from experts and making informed decisions. It appears that tolerance for violent urban protests and the push to defend police will most likely change the gun debate.

Q: Will the surge of new gun owners likely have any impact on politics down the road?

A: If polling data shows that more liberal voters are exercising their second amendment rights, It could change the talking points. It will be interesting to see if candidates take strong anti gun positions. If they do, the election results will tell us where America’s sit on the gun rights and restrictions debate.

Q: It used to be that the 2A wasn’t such a divisive issue… When did things begin to change and why? Could we see a more middle ground of support across the board?

A: The origins of the recent 2A battle can be traced back to the NRA “Revolt in Cincinnati” in 1977. At the NRA national meeting the leadership whose focus was on hunting and sport shooting was voted out and new leadership took over. Their new mission, to protect the 2nd amendment. As the NRA started to lobby and push for gun rights, politicians and liberal leaning news outlets took a stronger gun control position. This pushed the 2A debate to center stage. Flash forward to 2020: When citizens see images of social breakdown and violence on television or out their windows, it changes them. Those who have supported strict gun control or confiscation have argued that only the government can provide safety and security. That argument appears to have collapsed. At a time when violence is surging we see the government backing away. Many politicians appear to be politically afraid of taking on the core issues facing urban communities. Instead they are blaming the police. At a time of rising crime and violence the groups tasked with safety and security are being defunded. Many liberal anti gun Americans are changing their view. The surge in gun sales in our most liberal states supports this.

Home Defense, Covid and 2A
Radio interview

Tom is a frequent guest on the John DePetro Show. Here they talk about home defense, COVID, riots and refunding police.

Fox news interview

FOX News Q&A with Tom – 2nd Amendment

By Tom KubiniecPresident / CEO SecureIt Tactical, Inc. COVID-19, civil unrest and a push to defend police could forever change the 2nd amendment debate. Hollie McKay at Fox News is covering the subject and reached out to me. Here is a excerpt from our Q&A session. Q: Given the circumstances of 2020,

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De-funding & Police Home Defense
Radio interview

Tom is a frequent guest on the John DePetro Show. Here they talk about  personal safety and defense when the government is defunding police.

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Fox news interview

FOX News Q&A with Tom – 2nd Amendment

By Tom KubiniecPresident / CEO SecureIt Tactical, Inc. COVID-19, civil unrest and a push to defend police could forever change the 2nd amendment debate. Hollie McKay at Fox News is covering the subject and reached out to me. Here is a excerpt from our Q&A session. Q: Given the circumstances of 2020,

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Custom Gun Walls 101: Understanding Your Steel Panels


How to build a gun wall or gun room Understanding panels

gun wall panels

SecureIt Steel Louvered Panels are the backbone to gun room and gun wall installations. This article is to give you a better understanding of the panels, firearms and space.

To learn more about gun wall design, installation and setup see the video: “How to build a gun room

Gun room Panels are 17 1/4″ wide and come in two heights. This combination provides many options for gun room and gun wall designs.

gun wall panel dimensions   gun wall panel image

Gun room panels stacked


How gun room panel size relates to common wall size


Below we show gun room panels on a wall to give you an idea of size and scale. Later in this article, we will add guns

  Gun wall DIY

Panels can be mounted mid-wall or over a cabinet or shelf

  gun room diy

16″ gun wall panels are added on top to give space for display mount rifles or rear storage

    gun room diy

Stacking 36″ gun wall panels will allow for 2 rows of rifles

  gun wall diy

Adding 16″ gun wall panels on top fills out a standard 8′ high wall

dip gun room

36″ high panels will hold 3 -5 rifles in a horizontal or display style

  diy gun. room panel

This shows the difference between traditional rifles and AR15 platform rifles

diy gun wall panels diy gun wall panel kit

Vertical rifle storage.

Each panel is six louvers wide. Firearms are stored at a width of 2 7/8″ on the barrel center.


Rifles stock bases can be placed on our shelves attached to the louvered panels (Above) or the stock bases can be on a cabinet or floor  12″-18″ below the panels (below). This proves a large are for the upper saddles to accommodate a wide variety of rifle lengths. You also have room above the rifles for accessories and gear storage.


Panels can be placed on a wall with the rifle stock bases 12″-18″ below. This proves a large are for the upper saddles to accommodate a wide variety of rifle lengths. You also have room above the rifles for accessories and gear storage.

The sale rifle configuration is stored using 16″ panels. You’ll give up a bit of adjustability and room for gear storage. If you are storing rifles of similar length, 16″ panels are very efficient.


Here 36″ and 16″ gun wall panels are mounted 18″ off the floor. There is room for vertical and horizontal firearms.

  diy gun room design

A double row of 36″ panels mounted 15″ off the floor provides space for 2 rows of rifles. Note that the barrels can run past the top of the gun wall system.

diy gun room

Two 36″ and one 16″ panel are stacked and mounted just off the floor. This setup allows 2 rows of rifles and provides accessory and gear storage options behind the rifles all the way to the floor.

  DIY gun wall kit

Wall-mounted 36″ panels with rifle shelves and base of panels

  DIY gun wall kit

Adding 16″ panels on top provides more room for horizontal display.

  gun wall with cabinet

Panels above cabinets where rifles sit on top of the cabinets. Here 36″ high panels are mounted 16″ above he cabinet.

  gun wall with cabinets

I have added 16″ panels to the above image. This fills out the wall and gives you storage options behind the rifles. see: using storage bins

  DIY gun wall kit

This is the same system  mounted 18″ off the floor. This provides space for 2 rows of vertical rifles or lots of display space.

  DIY gun wall kit

Stacked 36″ panels mounted 15″ off the floor. There is vertical space for 2 rows of rifles.

  DIY gun wall kit

Two 36 and a 16″ panel stacked. This gives you a wall of flexibility and storage. Using SecureIt accessories you are able to store lots of gear behind the rifles on the wall.

  gun wall work bench

Panels mounted over a work bench.

  Gun room work bench

A complete home armory. Workbench, gun wall, reloading system, and 2 Agile Model 52 gun cabinets.

  Installed system photos SecureIt gun wall in gun room

Stained wood between panels gives a softer classic look

  gun wall kit

Workbench wrapped in gun wall panels.

  Gun room gun wall display

Wall of panels – rifle display


There are many options and possibilities. Do not hesitate to contact SecureIt to learn more.

Gun Wall Month - SecureIt Hidden Gun Room Display

Design and Build a Custom Gun Wall / Gun Room

Building a gun room and gun walls has become very popular in America. There are many reasons to consider a gun room.   If you have a large collection, safes and cabinets may not work well for you. Security can be easier with a properly constructed gun room with a vault door.

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Home Defense Firearms – The Four Places You Must Store Guns

Gun Storage for Personal Defense and to Foil Thieves Single-location gun storage no longer makes sense. Decentralized gun storage makes it tactically more effective to protect your family and much more difficult for gun thieves. They are opposing forces, the two basic security concerns when it comes to guns in the home.

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gun storage bin

Simple & Amazing Storage Bins

Modular Storage Bins When it comes to efficiency in a modern armory or a weapon storage system, organization is the key element! SecureIt® CradleGrid Technology modular storage bins provide simple and effective storage solutions that add a superior level of organization. No mess storage for cleaning supplies or reloading equipment Cleaning materials

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SecureIt Wins $8 Million Marine Corps Project

SecureIt Awarded $8 Million Marine Corps Contract

The Marine Corps has selected SecureIt Tactical, Inc. to rebuild Marine Corps armories on Okinawa and throughout the Pacific theater. The $8 million award was made to SecureIt based on providing the best overall solution to address the needs of Marine expeditionary forces in the Pacific theater. SecureIt provided a unique systematic solution, to address armory storage, transportation, inventory control and rapid deployment. The simple design and emphasis on core function will increase unit efficiency, response times and minimize the risks of damage to weapons and sensitive items.

Tom Kubiniec – SecureIt President and CEO: “We are very pleased that SecureIt has been selected. Our military team has invested a lot of time and effort to create a new and revolutionary idea for small arms storage and transport. The Marine Corps recognized the unique solution as being superior to traditional storage systems and other proposed solutions.”


SecureIt’s new expeditionary-force storage solution provides a complete system to store, organize and transport all weapon and gear. This new weapon storage system features: “SURE-GRIP” weapon storage cabinets, upgrade kits to convert older storage systems to the modern standard, Roto-molded transport cases, high density work bench storage and global inventory control.


“It’s not often we can create a solution that has this big of an impact. The new system will not only save time and money, it will allow the Marine Corps to operate at a higher level of efficiency,” said Crag Skerkis, SecureIt’s Military Sales Director. “I’m glad we had the opportunity to present our solution and I’m proud of the Military Product Development Team.”


marine corps handgun storage
m2 case

SecureIt Tactical is a primary supplier of weapon storage systems and armory design to the US military.


Military customers please visit: SecureIt Defense

True Gun Safe Fire Rating Test

Gun safe Fire Rating:  SecureIt TRUE Safe fire test results:

2:20 Minutes

At SecureIt, we believe the gun safe fire-rating system is inaccurate, misleading and in general horribly flawed. The ratings and statements stuck on the side of a gun safe are not accurate. Instead of using one of these bogus ratings we simply tested the safe and decided to publish the results for you to see. Here we share the data with you, so you can see exactly how our safe performed.

We placed our safe in the test oven, with 4 temperature probes, one in the bottom, one at the top and the other 2 spaced evenly between them. One additional probe was used to measure the oven temperature.

This is a graph of the results from the gun safe temperature probes. It shows time across the bottom and temperature on the left. The orange line shows the oven temperature and the other lines show the readings for the temp probes inside the TRUE Safe.

Conclusions from this test data:

The TRUE Safe went 2 hours 20 minutes until it reached 350 degrees.

If you look at the end of the graph you will see that after the oven was shut down the temp rose slightly for about 10 minutes then started to drop. This is significant because it demonstrates that when a fire is out the gun safe internal temperature does not continue to rise dramatically. Traditional heavy steel safes with drywall will continue to rise for up to 30 minutes. This is due to the amount of energy absorbed and stored in the heavy steel on the outside of the safe and the way the drywall inside works. Thick steel doors may look impressive and strong but in a fire, they work against you. First, steel is an extremely good conductor of heat energy and second it stores a lot of energy. When the fire is out, all that energy stored in the thick steel safe, transfers through the drywall into the storage area.

Traditional Gun safes absorb, store and transfer heat energy

gun safe fire test

The steel and drywall construction of traditional gun safes works against you in a fire.

SecureIt TRUE Safe prevents heat storage and transfer

The TRUE Safe uses a combination of steel (outer box), a composite cement mixture then more steel (inner box). The strength and security comes from this combination of materials. The TRUE Safe does not need to have super thick outer steel and thus performs much better in a fire.

True Safe heat resistance

TRUE Safe Design works to prevent heat transfer.


True Safe Introduction and Overview:

As we have demonstrated in our videos and talking points, the thicker outer steel of most traditional gun safes does not get you more real security. Cheap carbide circular saws cut right through it. The SecureIt TRUE Safe has been designed and is built to maximize real security and minimize heat transfer to the content in the safe.


Shop True Safe



In this episode of “This Week at SecureIt” Ryan and Tom answer a lot of questions about the True Safe


Military Weapon Storage Leader

How a technology storage expert, turned military weapon storage guru, is revolutionizing the way military armories store their weapons

Tom Kubiniec got involved in military weapon storage in 2001 while running a technology storage company. He received a call from a client who asked if his storage company could store MP5s in one of its high-security laptop storage cabinets. He was intrigued, and as he looked further into military weapon storage, he found that there were serious concerns and difficulties with the existing systems. The military was moving to modular weapon systems which leveraged a wide variety of attachable optics and electronics (ACOGs, PEQs, etc.). Weapon storage systems, designed for traditional battle rifles (M16, M14, M4), simply were not up to the task of storing these modern weapon systems with their modular components and parts.

Weapon storage systems on the market became very complex, non-adjustable and very difficult to use

It seemed that the companies supplying these weapon storage solutions did not fully understand the challenges and requirements of the modern armory. Most manufacturers were reacting to military weapon system changes by simply adding new components and pieces to their existing rack systems. The net result was that most of the weapon storage systems on the market became very complex, non-adjustable and very difficult to use.

“We took a different approach”

Tom took a different approach. His storage company was fortunate to be located in southern California, with proximity to many military installations. Tom and his associates took every opportunity to visit these facilities to talk with the armorers in command about the challenges faced in a military going through a modernization initiative. They rapidly gained a great deal of experience in military armories. SecureIt was created as a business to address the challenges associated with storage and organization of modern modular weapon systems.

SecureIt® wins the USASFC armory assessment contract

In October 2006, USASFC (U.S. Army Special Forces Command) was facing several big issues in their armories. “Space-saving” storage systems that had been recently purchased were simply not working. The weapon storage systems were too complex and despite the name, took up way too much space. A solicitation was put out for an armory assessment program. SecureIt won the contract. Over the next seven months, SecureIt traveled to all CONUS Army Special Forces locations, surveyed the armories, interviewed the armorers and observed the workflow. This level of access to our most elite fighting forces was normally impossible. The time spent in the armories and the frank discussions with team members gave SecureIt an incredible amount of information and experience.

In their brief to USASFC (US Army Special Forces Command), SecureIt outlined the need to move away from component-based weapon racks – systems where you have a “universal rack” and different brackets for each type of gun. (see: Lots of Components Means Lots of Problems) These types of systems may work when installed but fail when there are changes to the units equipment list. They also require specially trained factory technicians to install and reconfigure.

The simplest solutions are the ones that withstand the test of time

SecureIt set out to develop a simple solution that would address the needs of a modern armory and easily adapt to changes. All things being equal, the simplest solutions are the ones that withstand the test of time. “CradleGrid” was the solution. SecureIt’s easy to understand, no training is required weapon storage platform. SecureIt weapon racks adapt to changes without the need to purchase new or additional brackets and do not require factory technicians to install or change. The new system was a big hit and quickly adopted into SOCOM armories. Since then, SecureIt has designed and installed weapon storage solutions for all branches of the military as well and foreign fighting forces all over the world. SecureIt is now the largest supplier of weapon storage systems in the world and Tom is respected and the leading authority on weapon storage and armory design.

Home Defense Firearms – The Four Places You Must Store Guns

Gun Storage for Personal Defense and to Foil Thieves

Single-location gun storage no longer makes sense. Decentralized gun storage makes it tactically more effective to protect your family and much more difficult for gun thieves.

They are opposing forces, the two basic security concerns when it comes to guns in the home.

Secure your guns so others cannot get them and have them available quickly in the event of a crisis.

You can easily achieve both goals. In fact, some of the most secure locations in your home are also the best places to store guns, as it applies to self-defense and achieving a tactical advantage. I say “secure locations”, because hiding is better than securing. The truth is, the only type of safe that cannot be broken into is one that cannot be found.

A big, obvious gun safe is the last place I would keep valuables or any firearms I may want available for personal defense. Modern gun safes offer little in the way of security, take too long to open, are too big to hide, and are usually the first place a thief goes to look for valuables.

Decentralizing your gun storage makes it tactically more effective to protect your family and more difficult for gun thieves to gain access to your firearm collection. In fact, some of the most secure locations in your home are also the best places to store firearms when looking to achieve a tactical advantage.

The Statistics: United States Department of Justice Report

Consider the numbers surrounding home invasion and burglary: 65% of all home break-ins occur during the day. Most occur between 10am and 3pm. Most criminals are in and out of a home in under 10 minutes. 30% of burglaries occur when someone is home. 38% of assaults and 60% of rapes occur during home invasions. It is possible to buy a set of bump keys for less than $20 online and these will unlock nine out of ten doors in the United States with little difficulty.

The actual risk of a violent home invasion in America is low but I still take steps to ensure the safety of my family. When people tell me “My neighborhood is safe” or “the odds of a break-in are so low”, I respond “Do you ever buy lottery tickets? The odds of winning the lottery are much lower, but you still buy a ticket.”

Personal defense and security is a choice you make. The odds are, you will never have to deploy self-defense measures but it is important to have them available in case you need them. How and where you secure guns in your home can be critical to your safety and defensive capabilities. If you have firearms locked in your home, store them in a manner that gives you an advantage in the event of a crisis. What good is a gun in a crisis, if you cannot get to it?

Where do thieves go when they break into a home?

Real-world crime data shows that when a thief breaks into your home they are going to the master bedroom, home office, living room, and the dining room, most likely, in that order. If they think there is a safe in the house, they will likely go to the basement after going to the living room. A big, heavy gun safe is not a deterrent, but an invitation to a thief as they know something valuable is inside. Once found, if a thief came prepared, they will have a safe opened in mere minutes.

So where do you store firearms for the best tactical advantage in the event of a crisis?

The Master Bedroom – While the data suggests this is the worst room to store valuables, it is also a room where you spend a great deal of time sleeping. Store one to two firearms in a Fast Box under your bed. No more than that is necessary.

The Kitchen Pantry – Great location for a small gun cabinet as thieves are not typically interested in the kitchen. This is also a room where people spend a lot of time during the day. In the event of a home invasion, if you are in the kitchen, you will have quick access to a firearm. Also, most homes have an exit near, or from, the kitchen. This allows you to arm yourself and then evacuate the home. Your goal always should be to avoid confrontation.

A Closet Near the Front Door – This is a great location for securing firearms. Thieves ignore these closets. If someone you do not recognize knocks on the door, you refuse to open and they start trying to kick it in, you’ll have very fast access to a gun in that closet.

Guest Bedroom – If your home has a guest room with a closet, this is a good location for additional gun storage. Thieves will typically ignore guest rooms.

Bottom line: Have a plan

We are taught that in case of a fire you should have a place outside the home for everyone to meet. This way you know everyone is accounted for.

In a robbery or home invasion where you cannot exit the home, you should designate a room where family members go in the event of an emergency. A guest room or secondary bedroom with a locking door is a great choice. You should have a Fast Box or Agile cabinet secured in this room. However, in the case of home invasion, no matter where you are in the house you should always be within a few seconds of accessing your firearms. They should not be out in the open and they should be secured and hidden from small children and from being used against you.

learn more: Modern gun storage

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Are Gun Safe Security Ratings Outdated?

The Gun Storage Industry Today In the gun safe industry, there is a major focus on safety and security. There is no doubt that securing your firearms is an incredibly important responsibility, but does the traditional gun safe offer your firearms a realistic level security from realistic threats? In most cases, the

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Gun Wall Month - SecureIt Hidden Gun Room Display

Design and Build a Custom Gun Wall / Gun Room

Building a gun room and gun walls has become very popular in America. There are many reasons to consider a gun room.   If you have a large collection, safes and cabinets may not work well for you. Security can be easier with a properly constructed gun room with a vault door.

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Gun Safe Corrosion – Should you be concerned

Gun safe corrosion is a real threat Why there are so many products on the market designed to slow or stop corrosion in a gun safe? Most armorers will tell you if a gun is properly cleaned and oiled it should not rust. Yet in safes, corrosion is a hot topic and

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Hidden Gun Safe: SecureIt Fast Box 47 Videos

The SecureIt® Fast Box™ Model 47 hidden gun safe offers fast access to your home defense or primary firearm. The Fast Box, in either a horizontal or vertical application, provides hidden, secure, and fast access to a firearm in key locations throughout a home or business.

A depth of 13″ provides sufficient room for firearms with optics attached and also a 30-round magazine in the mag-well.

Best practices for home security and safety require that all firearms be locked. SecureIt’s Fast Box hidden gun safe provides that secure storage while maintaining the ability to gain fast access.

Comparing SecureIt, Barska, and Amsec Hidden Gun Safes

SecureIt Fast Box Overview

Adding a SecureIt Vertical Kit to a Fast Box

To install a Fast Box in a vertical configuration, a Vertical Kit needs to be purchased separately.

A Brief History of the Gun Safe & How an Industry Lost Touch

What’s in this article

Gun  safes: from 1850s till now
How venture capitol  killed quality in lieu of profits
Why security and fire ratings are no longer valid

What you need to know

Gun Safes are not secure against modern threats
Modern gun safe ratings are vastly overstate

In the past 10 years we have seen wall street investment firms move into the gun safe business. Liberty Safe in owned by an investment firm. in 2018 Canon safe company purchased the larger Stack-on company. This was funded by Wall Street investment money. When gun sales surged in the Obama years, Wall street looked at the safe industry as a growth opportunity. The result is these poplar safe companies are no longer working to make the best product possible for their customers. They are all working to maximize shareholder value. The result is make the cheapest safe you can and sell it for as much as possible.


SHOT Show Presentation

Tom takes you through a detailed look at the gun  safe industry and how it failed.

Gun Safe History

The gun safe industry is as American as apple pie and the wild west. Built on thick heavy US steel, glossy paint, and fancy pinstriping. Unfortunately, this industry has lost its heritage. Gone are the days of real American gun safes and the men who built them, the achievers, the men whose word was their bond. The American “modern gun safe” industry is now run by wall street, spreadsheets and analysis reports. This is a brief history and an unfortunate story.

Early Safes

Safes in one form or another have been around since the days of Julius Caesar. The first safes were used centuries ago in many cultures and nations. Egyptian vaults and treasure temples are one example. The Greeks stored a variety of valuables in safes made from bronze. Leaders in the ancient Roman empire created iron and wooden chests to store valuables.

As time went on, safes became increasingly complicated. They were not practical and were frequently cumbersome and difficult to operate. The first safes with swinging doors were manufactured in the 1700s in England.

chubb safe

It wasn’t until 1835 Charles Chubb, an English locksmith patented the first burglar-proof safe. He established a large safe-factory in London. He died in 1845 and was succeeded in the business by his son John. John Chubb patented various improvements in the products and grew the company significantly. Today known as Chubb Locks.

In the US, as any history buff of the mid-1800s and the turn of the century knows, safes have played an important role. Gold was king in the development of business, commerce, and outlaw gangs. But the history of safes extends far beyond Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

“Iron chests” as they were called then, were designed to protect against burglars. They were not fit to protect against fires or other natural disasters.

In the 1820s, Jesse Delano started manufacturing safes in New York City. He created a new way of producing fireproof safes. He coated the wood foundation with a clay and lime, to render it incombustible. It was then lined with thick steel. Jesse is credited with the first US Patent for a fireproof safe design.

The First Gun Safes

The modern gun safe has its roots in the 1850s designs of Silas Herring. He used thick outer steel, plaster, and thin inner steel to create a fireproof gun storage safe. His basic design is still used in fire safes today. Some of the materials and filler have improved to meet modern demands. But for the ultimate in fire protection double walled steel filled with plaster or cement, is still king.

Modern gun safes, unfortunately, no longer use this construction method. Gun safe manufacturers split from the rest of the safe industry in the 1980s.


Are Gun Safes No Longer Fireproof?

Gun safes of today are not built to Herring’s 1850 standards. To reduce costs and speed production, gun safe manufacturers have cut corners in a massive way.

Gun Safe Designs

In the 1970s gun, safe manufacturers dropped the Silas Herring design. They eliminated the thick outer steel; they eliminated the concrete or plaster filler. The thin inner steel became the outside of the safe. They then lined it with drywall and covered that with carpet. They claim the drywall is for fire protection. I believe it was to add weight back into the safes. There is a perception that a heavy safe is a secure safe. Weight has nothing to do with fire protection or security.

original gun safe design
modern chap safe design

 Original Silas Herring fire safe design  Modern RSC design

We all believe that these modern safes are fireproof. However, per U.L. Laboratories Standard 72, they are not fireproof. Technically, they are not even considered to be true safes.

This move to cheaper materials and designs happened slowly and almost secretly. When the move was made to a single wall, the industry did something a bit sneaky. They no longer met the UL standard for a gun safe. They went to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and created a new classification. These new cheaper cabinets are classed: RSC – “Residential Security Container”. Notice the classification does not use the word “safe”. UL would not allow the word safe in the classification. Because the RSC containers do not meet the minimum performance standard to be called a safe.

Please note:

In all fairness, there are still some “real” gun safes made in America. Amsec makes a few U.L. Class TL-30 gun safes and there are some very well made custom safes available.

Fireproof? No

As technology advances, you would think that gun safe fire ratings would improve. Just the opposite has happened. The industry has completely moved away from fireproof gun safe production. The U.L. RSC classification has nothing to do with fire ratings. There is no fire component to the RSC rating. A sticker on the door that says “Fire Certified” or “Fire Tested” really means nothing. Unless it says “UL-Class 72 350-X”, it is not a certified fireproof safe. The fire rating and tests are created and conducted by the manufacturers. They basically create a test that they can pass then put a sticker on the door that says certified fire resistant.

See “Your gun safe is NOT fireproof! Just ask any fire chief”.

Gun Safe Interiors

gun safe interior

Early gun safes were designed for basic Winchesters. Rifles of the day were simple compact with iron sights. There have been many changes since then. In recent years, we have seen great advances in rifle, shotgun, and optics technology. The modern sporting rifle (AR15) is the top-selling rifle in America. These new firearms do not fit into the old gun safe interior designs. The industry has had many years to adapt, but they haven’t.

Gun safe fail

The gun safe industry has not changed interior design one bit. Why are they so slow and hesitant to adapt?

Military style storage

In 2016 SecureIt introduced CradleGrid to the US consumer market. Cradlegrid technology was developed under contract with US army special forces. It is a simple system by which US military forces store and organize weapons and associated gear.

US Military Force Modernization

Military weapon storage

In the late 1990’s, the military replaced the traditional battle rifle with the modular M4 and incorporated optics and electronics. While the result was a superior fighting force, there were still problems. Gun racks and storage systems were designed for basic M14s and M16s and the new weapons and gear would not properly fit.

M4 and M16 Basic M16 rifle replaced by M4 weapon system sopmodm4 SOCOM M4 with SOPMOD Block 1 & 2

The Gulf Wars created a rapid advancement in weapon technology. Things were changing so fast storage designs could not keep up. The armory storage problems came to a head when several Special Forces armories failed basic inspections. Army Special Forces Command (USASFC) put out a solicitation for an arms room assessment program. SecureIt won the contract. They spent the next 18 months working with Special Forces units and command. The task was to identify problems and make recommendations. The result was CradleGrid Technology. A simple easy to use and understand weapon storage platform. Cradlegrid had just one moving part. It can store all weapons in a military armory and provides proper storage for precision rifles with optics. Introduced in 2008 CradleGrid has completely changed the way the military thinks about weapon storage.

SecureIt Various Weapon Racks

The consumer hunting and sports shooting market has gone through similar changes. There has been a broad move to MSR style modular firearms. The basic shape of the rifle has changed. The introduction of affordable quality optics has further complicated storage. Even traditional rifles and shotguns now have scopes or red dots. Will the gun safe industry adapt to these changes? No. It does not look like they have anything in development.

The future of firearms storage has to accommodate the changes in rifle format and optics. The gun safe industry continues to build what they want to build and repeatedly ignore the needs of their customers.

Through the introduction of CradleGrid Technology, SecureIt revolutionized military armories and is doing the same for home firearm storage. With SecureIt now in the leadership position for firearm storage, will the traditional gun safe industry be able to catch up?

gun safe locks

Do Modern Gun Safes Put You At Risk?

Bio-metrics RFID WIFI Gun safe makers are adding these technologies to their safes and cabinets.Does any of it make you safer? The short answer is no. In many cases the technology can put you at greater risk. Gun safe companies are working quickly to adopt new technologies in their safes. Biometrics (fingerprint

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Fox news interview

FOX News Q&A with Tom – 2nd Amendment

By Tom KubiniecPresident / CEO SecureIt Tactical, Inc. COVID-19, civil unrest and a push to defend police could forever change the 2nd amendment debate. Hollie McKay at Fox News is covering the subject and reached out to me. Here is a excerpt from our Q&A session. Q: Given the circumstances of 2020,

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Changing the way the U.S. military store firearms

Changing How the Military Stores Weapons

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Hidden Gun Safe: Comparing Barska, AMSEC and SecureIt

Hidden gun safes – Which is best?

In this video, we compare 3 popular hidden and fast access gun safes

Comparing Hidden Gun Safes

Proper gun storage requires that all firearms be locked in a safe or secured in a cabinet. While this keeps your guns safe, it has the potential to block your access to the firearms in a crisis situation. Here we compare 3 popular products on the market that each tries to address the issue of secure storage vs. fast access: the AMSEC gun safe, BARSKA Biometric gun safe, and the SECUREIT Fast Box Hidden Gun Safe.


BARSKA: Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe-While it is not advertised as a hidden gun safe, it can be placed in a closet. This is a small vertical-only gun safe, available on Amazon for $279.

SMALL SAFE - barska


The BARSKA simply fails and what it says it will do. The box depth is less than 6”. This severely limits the type of rifles you can store. The BARSKA will not store an AR15 or any rifle or shotgun with a pistol grip.

Any rifle with a scope will also not fit. Your only option is to carefully place the rifle sideways in the safe and lean it against the back. In this scenario, the scope is hitting the safe’s metal wall and the capacity has been drastically reduced from the stated 4 guns to just 1 gun.

Summary: Rating: Fail

  • Street Price $279.00
  • Fails on stated capacity
  • Will not store any type of modern sporting rifle or shotgun
  • Does not consider rifles with scope
  • Not really a hidden gun safe

We were very disappointed in the BARSKA. It simply does not do what it claims. BARSKA shows an image on their site of a safe with the door open and an AR 15 inside. This is deceptive and misleading as the door could not be closed and locked.

AMSEC Home Defense VaultThis is a horizontal (under a bed) hidden gun safe, available on Amazon for $399.

SMALL SAFE - amsak

The AMSEC is an under bed gun safe with a drawer system. It is a very well-made all-steel welded construction. It is designed specifically to mount underneath a bed. What you notice right away when opening the safe, is that the lock mechanism is loud. The lock beeps and opening the lock bar makes a loud “clank”.

This safe drawer, where the firearm sits, is 43” long. While that will store most tactical shotguns or an AR15, you may struggle to fit more traditional shotguns. Anything over 43” will not fit.

The AMSEC can only be used in a horizontal under the bed configuration. This is a one-dimensional product.

The position and type of lock make this impossible to open quickly in an emergency situation. You will have to get out of bed, down on all fours in the dark and try to open the lock. It may be difficult to see and the loud beeping from the lock can give away your position to an intruder, putting your safety at a much greater risk.

Summary: Rating C

  • Street price: $399.00
  • Solid quality construction: stores 1, possibly 2 rifles under 43”
  • Only one use, designed specifically for under bed/horizontal use
  • Fast access in a crisis situation is not possible
  • Lock and door operation extremely loud which can give away your position

SecureIt: Fast Box: Fast Access Hidden Gun Safe Heavy-duty secure gun safe in two lengths for flexible and fast access to a secure firearm. Available on for $285 – $295

FB-40-77-01-Example 0

The Fast Box hidden gun safe is available in two sizes (Model 40: 40” long / Model 47: 47” long) allowing unlimited uses in key location according to your firearm type and storage needs.

Fast Box Model 47 Hidden Gun Safe

Both Fast Box models can be used in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. The Model 40 is designed for tactical weapons and small shotguns where space is limited. The Model 47 will hold any rifle or shotgun up to 46 1/2” long. At 13” deep, the Fast Box will hold rifles and shotguns with optics and magazines. Vertically, there is room for 2 rifles, a few handguns, and extra ammunition.

Right away you notice the lock makes virtually no noise and opening the box is fast and quiet. Construction is rock solid, the box was designed to meet DOD AR190-11 and OPNAV 5313-c military security requirements. The basic model (model 47) includes hardware to mount to a steel bed frame (no drilling required). There are mounting holes in the top and bottom to allow bolting to wood frames or to the floor.

Vertical Orientation

Both Fast Boxes can be used vertically (Vertical Kit required) to properly store two long guns with scope attached

Fast box Fast access gun storage

The vertical kit consists of two cradles and one base unit (stores two firearms).

Fast Boxes are also compatible with most CraddelGrid accessories so you can easily add storage for handguns, ammo or other valuables.

Mobile Applications

With the purchase of the quick release tie-down strap kit ($9.95), the gun safes can be used in mobile vehicle applications. The Model 40 is primarily used for Law Enforcement mobile applications and includes the quick release tie-down straps.

Locker Applications

Fast Box Hidden Gun Safes can be bolted together in a locker format if you have multiple firearms you want to be locked and stored together. This application style is popular among SWAT teams and other rapid response security force units.

Summary: Rating A

  • Street Price Model 40 $285.00 | Model 47 $295.00
  • All Welded heavy gauge steel construction
  • Fits all firearms with attached optics up to 5” thermal imaging scopes
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Can be used in mobile vehicle applications
  • Provides fast and quiet access
  • Wide variety of accessories available


All 3 safes were well made.

The BARSKA fails at a very basic level. I do not think it was designed by a gun owner since it will not store what it claims it can store and it would be difficult to hide.

The AMSEC is a solid under-the-bed hidden gun safe for long guns under 43”, however, it does not allow for fast access and is too loud when unlocking.

The FAST BOX provides secure and hidden storage of the widest variety of firearms and is the only product that offers quiet fast access in a crisis situation. The ability to adapt to vertical or horizontal applications is also unique and makes the SecureIt Fast Box adaptable to almost any situation – vertical, horizontal, and mobile.

When you compare the facts it’s easy to see why the SecureIt Fast Box is the market leader in small fast access and hidden gun safes. SecureIt is also the only company that offers a “Buy-It-Back” Guarantee.

Shop: Fast Box hidden gun safe

Firearms should be locked when not in use. All 3 of these products will achieve this at some level but we believe the Fast Box wins in every comparison. Regardless of what gun safe you use, the number one take away here is – All firearms must be locked. Please be responsible.

DLA Contract Overrun

Update: Overrun inventory has SOLD OUT. This promotion has ended.

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September 2017 Opportunity

We are currently in production of 525 Model 84 cabinets for the DOD. We have decided to do a production overrun and offer a limited number of DOD cabinets to the general public. The discount will be worth $525.00 off of each cabinet and the coupon code will be available while supplies last!

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NRA Tactical Carbine Class – Review

I recently attended the NRA Tactical Carbine Class with my two boys. We made the road trip down to Winchester, West Virginia for the two-day training course and ultimate father and sons “guys” weekend.

First off, I have to say this was one of the best weekends I have spent with my boys. While we do a lot together and have had many adventures. When you combine the fun factor of the weekend with the skills and knowledge that we will carry with us forever, it is hard to beat.

About the class: The NRA Tactical Carbine Class presented by Sig Sauer is a two-day world-class introduction to the world of defensive tactical shooting. It is specifically designed for the shooter who is familiar and safe with firearms and has the desire to become extremely proficient with the AR platform.

The NRA works with Gary Melton and his company Paramount Tactical Solutions to conduct this fantastic course. The presentation of information is top notch, the shooting drills were challenging yet presented in a manner where we all progressed smoothly over the two days. There were three instructors for ten students. This meant a lot of personal attention and very detailed instruction.

Your ability to properly and safely defend yourself and your family can be dramatically increased with proper knowledge and training. The goal of the course is to give you a solid understanding of the tactics used by our elite law enforcement and security force personnel to gain the upper hand in crisis situations.

I came away with not only a higher degree of proficiency with the AR15 platform but also a real understanding of the challenges associated with threat assessment and neutralization. In stressful situations, it is amazing how quickly we all develop tunnel vision and fail to see the whole picture in front of us. This type of training improves your ability to think quickly and make smart decisions and perform in a stressful environment.

While nobody becomes an expert overnight, the goal of the class is to give you a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to build from. It has changed the way I look at range days. I now have a much better understanding of what is important and battery of shooting drills to further develop these skills.

NRA Training class drill

Weak side shooting drill

The instructors are very experienced tactical trainers. Gary Melton who owns Paramount Tactical Solutions spent most of his military career as a Green Beret with 1st Special Forces Group. Before going into Special Operations. He served as a Sniper Team Leader during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Upon leaving active duty, he accepted a position as a Senior Special Tactics Instructor and Unit Chief with a federal law enforcement agency. During that time, he continued another year of military service with 20th Special Forces Group as a military instructor training and preparing soldiers wishing to attend Special Forces Assessment and Selection.

The level of training you receive in just two days is incredible. I credit this to the ability of the instructors. These guys are not only extremely knowledgeable and experienced but are able to explain and teach in a manner that is easy and fun to learn. When we weren’t actively learning and shooting we were talking, laughing and having a great time.

Relaxing between drills – NRA Training Class

The facility for the event is perfectly set up for this type of event. The main building has a nice lodge feel to it and provides a very comfortable setting for classroom instruction and meals. (Lunch was included and the food was top notch!) The range is simple and effective. Gary and his team were able to quickly set up different shooting scenarios and drills.

My two boys really impressed me with their focused and took direction very well (if only they would listen to their mom and I like this). I do not know if it is age or some other cosmic force but they kicked my butt most of the weekend. At the end of each day, there was a “top shot” competition. Charlie, my youngest (and the youngest in the class) won the first day and Colton who heads off the college this fall won the day two event. I also found it delightful and frustrating that Charlie was pinging 300yd steel targets from a standing position. While I’m a solid distance shooter from a prone position, I struggled to find steel at that distance while standing.

The training covers everything from sighting in the optic and basic shooting positions to real-world, live fire hostage/threat scenarios. The training flows very efficiently over the two days. There is a lot to cover however the instructors are very experienced and move you through the course at a comfortable pace with lots of one to one instruction. This is a hands-on course and you shoot a lot. I would estimate between 800 and 1000 rounds over the two days.

NRA Carbine Class Sig516

Sig Sauer provides their SIG516 Patrol rifle with Tango4 optic.

All of the equipment was provided as well. Sig Sauer supplies their SIG516 Patrol rifle with the Tango4 optic. They do this because they know once you spend two days and 1000 rounds with their rifle system that you will really want to go out and buy one for yourself. Paramount also built us fantastic setups with High-Speed Gear and Sure-Grip Padded Belts. At the end of the course, the attendees do have the option to buy the belt and accessories at a significant discount, and many did.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this course to everyone who owns or is thinking of buying an AR platform firearm. Gary and his team at Paramount Tactical Solutions know what they’re doing and how to get results. Besides being a fun weekend, the skills and knowledge acquired will help you make better decisions and perform better in the unlikely event a crisis situation.

Gun safe industry exposed! Fire, Security and Rust

SHOT Show 2017 – Tom takes aim at the gun safe industry exposing it for what it really is.

In this presentation from the SHOT show, Tom goes through all the ways the gun safe industry manipulates the facts and distorts the truth about safes and gun storage.

When you understand the truth about this industry you will be in a position to make much better decisions.

Gun Safe Corrosion – Should you be concerned

Gun safe corrosion is a real threat

Why there are so many products on the market designed to slow or stop corrosion in a gun safe?

Most armorers will tell you if a gun is properly cleaned and oiled it should not rust.

Yet in safes, corrosion is a hot topic and they sell millions of dollars in products to stop it.

Excerpt from SHOT Show presentation.

Gun safes and rust

why do guns rust so fast in gun safes?

Modern gun safes are built with a thin steel shell, lined with gypsum board (drywall) and then carpeted. To understand the corrosion issues you have to look at the chemicals contained in these materials and how they react.

Formaldehyde: CH2O

Formaldehyde is used in drywall manufacturing. It is a dispersing agent used in drywall slurry. These dispersing agents are called sulfonated naphthalene-formaldehyde condensates. As the term implies, these formulations involve a combination of formaldehyde and naphthalene. The agents vaporize in your safe, creating a potentially caustic environment for metal and wood. Museums ban the use of formaldehyde in areas where artifacts are stored. Formaldehyde is also in the adhesive used to attach the carpet interior in most safes.

Sandvik laboratory test results for CH2O (formaldehyde) and carbon steel: corrosion rate over 1.0 mm/year. ~ Serious corrosion. The material is not usable.

Elemental Sulfur: S

Sulfur is found in drywall particularly from China. Sulfur reacts with trace amounts of water (humidity) to form hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid.

gun safe rust


Pyrite (iron sulfide) also known as “fool’s gold” is a very common mineral. It is present in the gypsum mined to make drywall. There are small amounts in gypsum in the U.S. and much larger amounts in gypsum mined in China. The pyrite ends up in the drywall. While this is not a big deal when it comes to home construction, you do not want it in your gun safe. Pyrite (Iron sulfide) reacts with oxygen and water to form iron and sulfur in the forms of iron oxide-hydroxide (rust) and sulfuric acids.


Sulfuric acid is particularly aggressive when it comes to corroding metal.

Ferrooxidans – Bacteria

This is a type of bacteria that eats metal. It lives on the pyrite in the drywall. It is this bacterium that breaks down pyrite into iron hydroxide and sulfur-based acids. However, it doesn’t stop there. Ferrooxidans will consume many other metals. Ferrooxidan bacterium is used in mining operations to strip metals in low-grade ore.

Does your gun safes every smell lick sulfur?
Next time you open a safe, see if you detect a slight earthy or sulfur smell. It’s there and gets stronger the longer the door has been closed. I have noticed it, particularly in cheap safes on the sales floor in some big-box sport discount stores. That smell is the above processes in action and it will cause gun rust very quickly.

As you can see, there is very good reason for all the corrosion control products in the safe industry. Modern gypsum (drywall) based gun safes are corrosive.

Why use drywall? It is cheap, easy to use and heavy. The weight is important. The gun safe industry wants their safes to be heavy. People think that heavy safes are “safer”. However, it’s smoke and mirrors designed to hide the fact that the industry has moved away from traditional safe designs. Modern gun safes are built to the UL Class RSC standard and are not, according to UL, a true safe.

So how did we get here?

How did the gun safe industry end up producing a product that can destroy the very item it is designed to protect?

It started in the late 1970s. Up until then, gun safes were based on the original design of Silas Herring. He used a sandwich design of thick outer steel, thin inner steel, and plaster or cement in the middle. This has been the standard fireproof safe design for over 100 years. In the 1980s the gun safe market started growing and as demand for safes grew, a bunch of new companies entered the market. To reduce costs and speed production, these new producers dropped the original Silas Herring design in favor of cheaper, lighter materials.

They eliminated the thick outer steel. They eliminated the plaster or cement filler. The thin inner steel cabinet became the outside steel box. They lined this thin walled box with drywall then carpeted over it. This is the modern gun safe.

When these changes occurred UL (Underwriters Laboratories) created a new classification. Class RSC–Residential Security Container. The RSC is the standard gun safe sold in most stores throughout America.

If you have purchased a gun safe made after 1980 it is most likely a UL Class RSC. It is drywall based and subject to all the corrosion issues above. Your best defense against corrosion is still well-cleaned and well-lubricated firearms. It is important to open the door regularly and let your safe air out. This will reduce the corrosive sulfur compound buildup. Dehumidifiers slow the process by lowering humidity, but they don’t stop it.

Removal of corrosive materials.

The interior of a gun safe can be removed and replaced with safer materials. Products like SBI Micore-300 can be used to replace the drywall. However, this is an extensive modification and will take some time and skill to properly fit and install the new fire board.

How do you avoid all this? Do not buy a gun safe with drywall or carpeting. That eliminates just about every safe sold in America. Otherwise, Ft. Knox, Browning, American Security, and a few boutique producers offer safe models with the Herring double walled steel design. These models do offer some security and modest fire protection, and the inner steel will provide good corrosion protection. These safes start at around $10,000and go up to 20K+.

This brings up the following questions. Why buy a gun safe?

Why buy a gun safe?

The data suggests that common UL Class RSC safes offer little in the way of security or fire protection.

So what do you do? How do you protect your investment?

Shy of spending north of , consider steel cabinets. They are just as secure, and most likely offer the same fire protection of a big heavy drywall based UL – RSC gun safe.

There are other advantages of eliminating the drywall from gun cabinets. Weight, going lighter is better. It is easier and certainly gives you more flexibility in how and where you store and secure your firearms.

Consider SecureIt Tactical Model 52. This gun cabinet that will provide a strong theft deterrent, is lightweight and easily concealable. Perhaps best of all, it won’t corrode and destroy the very things its meant to protect.

The all steel design of our gun cabinets is far safer for your firearms in terms of corrosion. Smaller steel gun cabinets can be located throughout a home, allowing you fast access to locked firearms in a crisis situation.


Smaller lighter modular cabinets can be secured anywhere in a home, condo, cabin or RV. Modular cabinets can bolt together and expand to meet growing needs.


Firearms storage is going to change. The gun safe industry produces and markets a product based on the illusion of security. Their stated gun capacity is outright deception. They are not fireproof and the materials used inside a safe promote gun corrosion. You can fool some of the people some of the time. Eventually, it all catches up. That is what is happening now.

SecureIt is the leading supplier of weapon storage systems to the US Government. We have revolutionized military armory function. We want to do the same for home firearms storage. SecureIt has taken the leadership position in modern firearms storage, and things will change quickly over the next few years.


Learn More about modern gun storage

Gun safe industry exposed! Fire, Security and Rust

SHOT Show 2017 – Tom takes aim at the gun safe industry exposing it for what it really is. In this presentation from the SHOT show, Tom goes through all the ways the gun safe industry manipulates the facts and distorts the truth about safes and gun storage. When you understand the

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Gun Safe Corrosion – Should you be concerned

Gun safe corrosion is a real threat Why there are so many products on the market designed to slow or stop corrosion in a gun safe? Most armorers will tell you if a gun is properly cleaned and oiled it should not rust. Yet in safes, corrosion is a hot topic and

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Gun Safes: Ratings and Certifications Are you being bamboozled?

The gun safe industry misleads consumers with deceptive ratings and bogus certifications

In this video, learn about gun safes, the gun safe industry, ratings and UL certifications. Gun safes are marketed and sold on security perceptions, not on hard facts and actual certifications. We try to present accurate and informative material to allow you to make an educated decision based on facts and not on preconception and emotion.

gun safe fail

Breaking down UL Gun Safe Certifications

UL listed

The first thing I want you to look at is UL-listing. Most gun safes are built to UL – RSC Certification. Manufacturers use UL listings as a selling point, but what does the”RSC” rating actually mean? UL-listed RSC also called “8M10” stands for “Residential Security Container”. This does not sound very secure and for good reason. These are not Gun Safes. This rating was created for a family of products that do not meet the minimum standards for a UL Certified Safe. The RSC Standard was designed for inexpensive steel cabinets. The RSC certification requires that they block access for five minutes using a pry bar less than 18 inches long and a hammer weighing less than three pounds. That’s it. This is a 1950’s threat level. Modern thieves are going to come in with high-powered battery operated tools and cut into an RSC certified gun cabinet in less than 5 minutes. In the Video below I just about cut the whole side off of an RSC safe in less than 15 minutes using a tool for Harbor freight.

Here is a great post on The difference between “Safes” and “RSC’s”

These residential security containers are being sold as safes. They make them big and heavy and spend a lot of time talking about the doors and the locking systems. This is to give you a perceived level of security. Thieves, however, ignore the doors and locks and simply cut a big hole in the side. The hard truth about “gun safes” with the RSC certification is that they offer no better security than a basic gun cabinet and you are paying for a lot of useless weight and marketing.

Fire rated gun safes

Are they really fireproof?

Fire listed

Looking at the stickers on two safes, one says 45-minute fire rating and one says 60 minutes fire certified. What does that actually mean? The answer is somewhat vague and unknown. These types of fire ratings are created by the gun safe manufacturers with no oversight. Each manufacturer has their own system. In the case of the Chinese safe, this is just a sticker and there is no testing done it all. UL Laboratories certifies safes with three standard class ratings. UL Class 350-1, UL Class 350-2 and UL Class 350-3. If your safe does not have a UL class 350 certification then it is not fireproof.

I encourage you to do your own research. There have been several articles written on the subject. The data suggests that whether guns survive a fire in a safe, gun cabinet or wooden box has more to do with how the fire burns than the actual rating of the container that they’re stored in. RSC containers are being sold and advertised as fire-rated gun safes but per UL standards they’re not safes at all. They do not meet the minimum standard to be called a safe and the fire ratings are not independently verified. You’re buying a big, big heavy cabinet with a perception of security.

True fire rated safe.

Fire rated safe

The construction of most traditional gun safes is a container made from 11 to 16 gauge steel lined with drywall and covered with carpeting. To achieve a true fire safe rating, you need a 10GA steel container with a steel inner wall that is filled with a specific material – see image above.

Drywall is used in RSC containers because it’s heavy and cheap.

Despite the low-cost drywall is a poor choice for gun safes. Drywall contains formaldehyde used as a dispersing agent. Formaldehyde is very corrosive to steel, nickel, and copper increasing corrosion in a gun very quickly. You’ve also got bacteria in drywall. Almost all the drywall that comes out of China contains a bacteria called Acidithiobacillus. It doesn’t affect people, it eats iron and produces sulfuric acid. Have you ever noticed a sulfur smell when you open the safe door? That’s from bacteria and formaldehyde eating the metal in your guns.

Gun safe fail

UL Laboratories will not give RSC – Residential Security Containers a fire rating because they don’t meet the basic fireproof standards. These gun cabinets are using materials that are detrimental to the long-term health of firearms. They are sold based on a myth that if you put your guns in a thousand pound gorilla they’re going to be safer than if they were stored in a steel cabinet. The data just doesn’t support their claims on fire rating and security and they use materials that promote corrosion of your firearms.

The excessive weight and special bars and locks on the doors of traditional safes are promoted as a perception of security. The Model 52 is our ultra-light gun safe made of 14-gauge steel with patented Dedlock system. It ships flat and you assemble it with eight bolts. This patented system is as rigid and strong as any welded cabinet.

SecureIt Model 52 – Lightweight gun cabinet

The Model 52 Gun Cabinet is based on years of experience building weapon cabinets and armories for military units all over the world. We make no false or exaggerated claims to fire and security ratings. Our cabinets are as secure as any common gun safe sold in stores across the country but without the ridiculous weight.

Gun safe

The Model 52 gives you a lightweight, secure cabinet that will provide proper storage for 6 rifles, handguns and a lot of gear. You can use multiple units throughout your home, to provide discreet security and fast access in a crisis situation.

The average American moves every seven years. The Model 52 gun cabinet breaks down and moves with you very easily. SecureIt has designed modern cabinets to meet your modern lifestyle. Things are getting lighter, and easier to use, you don’t need to saddle yourself with a huge, heavy safe. Take some time to educate yourself so you can make an intelligent firearm storage decision and perhaps not end up with a thousand pound gorilla in the room.

Gun Safes: Fast Box sales are growing quickly

The SecureIt Fast Box hidden gun safe is quickly becoming the top selling small gun safe in America. The unique and flexible hidden gun safe provides secure storage for up to 2 rifles, handguns and some ammo. “We are really pleased with the accelerating sales of the FAST Box line” stated Tom Kubiniec, SecureIt founder and president. “People are just getting it. We applied our military storage principals to designing the small gun safe and the results were just great. It’s strong, simple and adaptable to a wide variety of situations and it’s very affordable.”

The Fast Box gun safe is unique in its ability to provide fast access and secure storage in multiple locations throughout a home. It can be mounted under a bed, vertically in a closet, bolted together locker style or mounted in a car or truck. The programmable 4 button lock is designed to be used by touch to provide fast access even in total darkness. A key override is also included.

Available is two sizes; 40” and 47” the smaller safe is used primarily by government security groups and law enforcement for in vehicle secure out of site storage. The Model 47 is the primary consumer product. All Fast Box gun safes are 13 deep and 6 1/5” high. This provides enough storage for an AR platform rifle with optic and magazine installed as well as a handgun and ammunition.

fast box gun safe

Kubiniec: “If every gun in America was properly secured and locked out of sight, we could eliminate many tragedies. The problem has always been that secure gun storage blocks fast access. Many Americans have their firearms secured in a gun safe only to leave one or two out, under a bed or in a closet so they can get them quickly if needed. They are opposing forces, Secure gun storage and quick access when needed. The SecureIt Fast Box effectively addresses these opposing forces and provides the location and storage flexibility to effectively work anywhere in a home, office or vehicle.”

SecureIt has been adding many dealers and distributors. The Fast Box hidden gun safe should be on store shelves across the country by Christmas as well as popular sites line Amazon, Sportsman’s Guide, and direct from SecureIt.

Gun Safes: They may not be what you think they are.

A Brief History

Safes in one form or another have been around since the days of Julius Cesar. While sometimes disputed, Jesse Delano is credited with the first fireproof safe design patented in 1826. The modern gun safe has its roots in the 1850s designs of Silas Herring. He used plaster and steel to create a fire rated gun storage safe. What’s interesting and disappointing is that the gun safes of today are not built to standards anywhere near Herring’s 1850 design. Price and profit pressures have caused the whole industry to move away from true fire rated safes. The majority of what are commonly called and sold as “Gun Safes” are actually UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) listed as “RSC” or “Residential Security Containers” and are not actual safes. This includes the “safes” available at all the big chain with popular brand names including “Liberty,” “Winchester”, “Browning,” etc. Yes, you may have guessed it. The industry did not want to build to the UL Safe classification standard so they created a new standard, RSC – “Residential Security Container”.

Learn more: Gun Safe: Understanding Ratings and Certifications

What is an RSC (Residential Security Container)?

An RSC rated container (gun cabinet) will resist forced opening for up to five minutes by an attacker using simple, non-powered hand tools. We’re talking screwdrivers, hammers (must be less than 3lbs), and pry bars (must be less than 18″ long). RSC containers are not rated against any attack by power tools of any kind, or any attack lasting longer than five minutes. This is security designed for 1850’s threat level. Today, a high powered battery operated grinder with a cutoff wheel can cut a “gun safe” (Residential Security Container) in half in less than 15 minutes. A small portable plasma cutter will do the job in under 3 minutes. People assume that because it weighs 1000 lbs it must be secure.

Fire Rating

RSC Certified gun safes are not fireproof. Not at all.</> ul class 350 gun safe

The only consistent, reliable and independent fire rating is the UL fireproof safe class rating. The lowest rating is “Class 350 1-hour” The ratings go up to 4 hours (Class 350-4). Unfortunately, there are no RSC gun safes that meet this rating as the materials and construction required to offer this kind of protection are deemed too expensive by the gun safe industry. The fire rating or “fire certified” sticker on the door of an RSC means very little as each gun safe (RSC) manufacturer creates their own standards and fire tests. If a safe does not have a UL class 350 fire rating then it is not a fire safe. It is a thin steel box lined with drywall and covered with some carpeting. The Drywall makes the safe real heavy and “feel” secure. It is not. Talk to firefighters. “Gun safes” (RCSs) rarely ever survive a real fire. go to: Gun Safe: Understanding Ratings and Certifications for more information

Guns Safes and Corrosion

Consider Corrosion

There are a lot of products on the market designed to slow the process of your guns rusting in a “gun safe”. There is a good reason for these products. Drywall or Gypsum board used in RSCs contain several chemicals that are highly corrosive to your guns. Formaldehyde is used as a dispersing agent in drywall production and is highly corrosive to steel. See:

Safes imported from China use drywall that contains additional threats to your guns. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and other agencies have found high levels of pyrite (FeS2) which gives off carbon disulfide, carbonyl sulfide, and hydrogen sulfide — all of which are corrosive to firearms. 100% of the problem drywall coming from China also tested positive for the bacteria Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans, which lives in pyrite deposits. These bacteria consume iron and sulfur producing highly corrosive sulfuric acid. Have you ever noticed a mild sulfur smell when you open a Chinese import safe? There are many concerns about drywall from China please see: Chinese Drywall to learn more.

Other Disadvantages of Gun Safes.

gun safe move

They are very big, very heavy and once in place cannot be easily moved. They are also big and heavy. Did I tell you they were heavy? …You get the picture. In our modern, mobile society where people move on average every 6.6 years (US Census Bureau) does it make sense to own a 1200lb metal box full of drywall?

If you live in a condominium or town-home owning a heavy old safe is probably not allowed by your HOA.

The Industries “Little White Lie”.

gun safe capacity

This gun safe, rated for 29 guns can not efficiently store 11 modern rifles Gun safe capacity is a lie.

Gun Safe Capacity

gun safe capacity

When a safe manufacturer offers a gun safe (RSC) and claims a capacity of 30 guns what are they telling you. Keep in mind the RSC will not hold 30 guns, not even close. Either they are not very bright or they think their customers aren’t very bright. The VP of national sales for one of America’s largest safe manufacturers told me it was the “industry’s little white lie”. It seems all safe manufacturers state their capacity based on how many gun slots they can fit in the safe, regardless of how many guns actually fit. In our product testing, using safes from several different manufacturers, we found the actual capacity for traditional guns is about half of what the manufacturers claim. When you add in modern sporting rifles that capacity drops even further. We purchased a 29 gun Steelwater gun safe and were only able to fit 11 modern rifles and at that point, they were packed in and hitting each other. Gun safe capacity is a sham.

Gun Safe Are Too Deep

Manufacturers all focus on making real heavy complex doors and lock systems in an effort to make you think the cabinet is secure. These doors are so heavy that the cabinet has to be deep. Deep enough to offset the weight of the door so when it is opened the cabinet does not tip over. This depth is counterproductive to proper gun storage. You end up with guns packed in and you have to dig through to get to the rifles stored way in the back.

Please note: a thief ignores the door and just cuts through the thin steel on the side or back of the RSC.

Gun Safe Interiors

Gun safe interior design has never changed.

American gun ownership has changed dramatically and the safe industry refuses to address it. The number one rifle sold in America is an AR15 and most shooters now have some sort of scope or optic on every rifle and shotgun. The gun safe industry not only failed to anticipate these market changes they appear to have buried their heads in the sand and refuse to even acknowledge that there has been any type of change. Gun safes simply do not have the ability to properly store modern rifles.

interior-2 safe-interior

This is the typical safe interior. Even with stripped down Henry rifles you will not fit guns in every slot, there simply is not enough room for the stocks. AR platform rifles will not fit well at all and there is no room for optics of any kind.

You can upgrade gun safe interiors to SecureIt CradleGrid Technology: Gun safe upgrade kits

“They’ve buried their heads in the sand”

Why does a whole industry fail to address a big market change? It almost appears like all gun safe manufacturers are in a big game of chicken. They all produce basically the same product and are all afraid of being the first one to be different. In most industries manufacturers actively look for points of difference. But not with “gun safes” (RSC containers). It is very unusual and not in the best interest of the consumer. These manufacturers and products are dinosaurs and perhaps, soon be extinct.

We see this as a complete lack of respect for the firearms they store, and their customers who shell out big money expecting secure fireproof storage yet really only have a steel box with some drywall and fancy paint. The only advances in gun safe manufacturing in the last 100 years has been the move to cheaper materials, lower standards, and misleading certifications.

So do you need a so-called “gun safe” or RSC?

The answer is probably no.

If you think you will sleep better knowing that your rifles and stored in a big 1200 lb. gorilla in your basement, then it may be the right product. You have to understand, however, that the security against both theft and fire is really smoke and mirrors. The whole industry is built around a false perception that because these things weigh 1200lbs, it must be safe and secure.

When you consider that these so-called “gun safes” (RSC) are no more secure than a simple steel cabinet and fire ratings (which do not meet even the most basic UL Certification) are simply made up by manufacturers, you have to really question the decision.

  • They are very difficult and expensive to move.
  • They are corrosive to your guns by design.
  • They do not properly store precision rifles.
  • Older homes may not support the weight and you certainly would not put a safe in an upstairs location.

So what do you do?

There are several very inexpensive steel gun cabinets on the market. Products like Stack-On will store guns, however, they have very basic locking and the interiors that mimic guns safes so you will struggle with the same inefficient and damaging storage issues.

This year SecureIt introduced the Model 52 Ultralight gun cabinet with CradleGrid Technology. The first in a series of modern modular gun storage cabinets and provides proper storage for 6 rifles, handguns, and a lot of gear. The Model 52 is manufactured out of the same steel as many traditional gun safes (RSC) but doesn’t have the ridiculous weight, or the corrosive interior.

Patented CradleGrid Technology was developed under contract with US Army Special Forces. The modular system provides simple, adjustable, proper storage for rifles, shotguns, and handguns and allows you to organize and store firearms along with associated gear.

In our modern, mobile and fast-paced society why tether yourself to a 1200lb gorilla? It will be parked somewhere in your life and eventually left behind somewhere. Otherwise, It will require a great deal of work, time or money every time it must be moved. It provides no additional security over much lighter and easier to deal with cabinets and the materials used in its construction can be corrosive and detrimental to firearms.

Knowledge and Education is Power

Take the time to learn as much as you can before you spend your money. Here are links to articles that we have found to be informative and accurate.

11 Myths about Gun Safe Theft Protection

9 Myths about Gun Safe Fire Ratings

Gun Safes: Industry is out of touch

Every year at SHOT Show, the safe manufacturers set up elaborate booths with fancy lighting and comfortable chairs. Sales reps in sharp company logo-wear standby, eager to share information as to what’s new with their safes and company.


But what is really new? It seems that the only new things each year are paint finish, graphics, and maybe a new lock. The truth is that the real guts of a gun safe have not changed. This has been going on for decades. The safe industry is stuck in a vortex of old world wild-west shows and 1950 gangster movies.

Modern Sporting Rifles

There has been a broad shift in firearm purchasing to newer, modular, tactical-style shotguns and sporting rifles. The AR15 is the number one selling rifle in America.


American Gun ownership has changed and the safe industry refuses to address it


The safe industry has not only ignored this, it appears they have buried their heads in the sand in hopes that it all just goes away so they can get back to their 1950s – 70s plush carpeting and Winchester John Wayne commemorative rifles. When you look at proper storage, modern sporting rifles are radically different from traditional firearms, so not upgrading to accommodate them only harms the firearm owners.

The capacity “Little White Lie”

Why do safe manufacturers all tell the same “little white lie”.

It’s called “capacity”. We see safes advertised in stores and on the web claiming a gun capacity of 25, 40 or 60, when in fact it is all but impossible to fit anywhere near that many guns in the safe. Have you ever seen a sales or marketing photo of a safe with more than a 20% of its stated capacity used? For that matter, it is rare to see images of safes with their doors open at all.

Capacity Voodoo


This is a typical gun safe marketing or sales photo. This gun safe is rated to store 54 guns. If you look closely at the image you will see that there are 8 rifles shown in the safe. Now they are not using the center section for guns, however, try to imagine this safe with 54 rifles. There is simply no way you will fit that many. Now if you throw some AR platform firearms in the mix you will not likely get more than 14 or 15 guns in the safe.

The real nuts-and-bolts of a gun safe is the interior. It’s where you will be placing and securing your most valued firearms. So why do most manufacturers show only images of their safes with the doors closed?

It is to hide a few simple facts. For the most part, all safe interiors are the same. There is no chance that you will fit the stated amount of guns in the safe. They all have new and improved models yet in reality, there has been nothing exciting and new in the safe world for 50 years.

Enter SecureIt Tactical

SecureIt® Tactical is the leading supplier of weapon storage systems to the US military. We have entered the consumer hunting and sport shooting market bringing our years of military storage experience. The patented Tactical Weapon Storage Platform known as CradleGrid Technology was developed under contract with US Army Special Forces. CradleGrid provides proper military style storage for both tactical and traditional rifles, shotguns and pistols.


Upgrade your gun safe

SecureIt patented gun safe retrofit kits allow you to upgrade your gun storage cabinet or safe to properly store tactical and modern sporting rifles and shotguns. Each kit features a grid, cradles, an assortment of firearm storage components and is designed to address a wide variety of applications at affordable price points.

What is proper military storage?

With SecureIt’s retrofit kits, all firearms are stored so they cannot come into contact with each other. There is proper standoff so mounted scopes are free and clear of the walls. Firearms with scopes can be stored with the scopes facing in or out. The preferred method is to store firearms with the scopes in towards the back panel of the safe.

Straight-line access

The ability to remove a firearm from the safe without having to remove other weapons or gear. All other safes require you to remove several firearms to get to the ones in the back. This creates a situation where you are setting rifles on the floor, or leaning them against the wall to free up your hands to grab the next gun. If you have high-end optics or do not want to lose zero, this can develop into a bad situation.

The SecureIt Tactical Gun safe applies proven military weapon storage principles to create a modern, adaptable, fire-rated gun safe.


Organizational Awareness

Clean and neat storage for firearms and gear, at a glance you know everything is there.


3-Dimensional storage

SecureIt’s line of products has the ability to store gear with the associated rifles. The steel louvered, safe back panel grid is compatible with a wide range of storage bins, trays, and shelves. Gear and parts associated with a specific weapon can be stored with that weapon. For example – A Remington 870 is stored using the cradle and lower saddles. Behind the shotgun are bins to store the chokes, a sling and cleaning brushes. All parts and supplies associated with the firearm are stored with it. This makes use and maintenance very easy and organized.

SecureIt Tactical

Why is this important?

Having proper storage and organization means you are safe and prepared. All firearms are stored in a ready to use condition. Optics and free and clear and will maintain “0”. Your gear is stored and organized in a logical fashion with associated firearms.

If you have made an investment into modern military style sporting and precision rifles, how you store them is critical to long-term performance, safety and value. It is time to move to modern storage.

BARSKA Gun Safe: Fails

BARSKA Gun Safe – Does Not Work

I am very disappointed in the small quick access biometric rifle safe by Barska, it fails at its most basic function. It does not do what it claims it can do.

The biggest issue we have with this gun safe is the depth. The door is about two inches thick but it is recessed into the cabinet yielding about five and a half inches of usable internal space. The net result is a lack of adequate space for rifles or shotguns.

This gun safe will not hold rifles or shotguns with a pistol grip!

Although the safe is marketed as a four capacity rifle cabinet, We could not fit 4 long guns.

The BARSKA door would not close when trying to store this rifle with a low profile scope.

even low profile scope doesn't fit

There’s no way to close the door. I even experimented by taking the internal panel off the door to see if I could make it work but the gun still interferes with the locking mechanism on the door. Since the door does not close your only option would be to turn the gun sideways, but now you’re only storing one gun. This is sold as a 4 gun safe.

The biggest issue with the BARSKA is the depth.


Can not handle scopes or optics!

Rifles with scopes or optics do not fit in the BARSKA, it hits the back of the safe and you can’t shut the door. I used my Marlin as an example with a scope that is pretty tight to the barrel and doesn’t have a huge offset. Then I tried storing an AR 15, it has to go in sideways it is not supported properly. It was very difficult to balance the firearm in the safe. You would not be able to store any additional firearms with the one awkwardly placed AR15. You can not fit two rifles with scopes in the safe without damaging your gun or your scope. If you’ve got stripped down old Winchester Model 94 you might get four in but any modern firearm or combination of firearms is just not going to work. The construction quality of the product is OK, it just fails horribly at storing firearms. Five and a half inches of usable space is simply not enough.

In comparison

The Fast Box is 13 inches deep with internal usable space of twelve and a half inches. Vertical Fast Boxes use the CradleGrid System to properly store two long guns with scope/optics attached ( up to 5″ thermal imaging scope) for proper and accessible storage. Originally designed for law enforcement applications, the Fast Box stores any length firearm up to 45.5″ in length with accessories attached. For example, this safe properly stores an AR 15 with optic and magazine. You can lock the gun in a fully ready to roll fashion and it’s still quickly accessible ( popular with Rapid Response and Reaction Teams). What it gives you is proper storage for any two long guns with optics attached in a fast access locked safe. You get proper storage for the stated number of rifles. The Fast Box secures any two rifles with any size optic. You even have room above to store handguns and ammo.

The Fast Box Model 47 properly stores both a Marlin and an AR Super SAS with scopes attached.


The BARSKA is about the same price as the Fast Box but they advertise it as a four-gun safe. You are not going to fit four guns in it. You can fit one maybe two and at that point, anything with a pistol grip or a scope is going to bang into each other. They’re not going to fit properly. So when you’re looking at small gun safes you’ve got a decision to make and it’s one of reality versus myth.

Added Value: The Fast Box can be used horizontally mounted under a bed and on a closet shelf.

Model 47- horz

Vertically the Fat Box it gives you unlimited options to store any two firearms with a lot of flexibility at a very affordable price. The safe is fully seamed welded heavy gauge steel with full-length piano hinge door with three points hardened steel locking system.

Shop: Hidden Gun Safes

Hidden Gun Safe: Firearms, Locked and Out of Sight

Children do not even need to know.

Until they are old enough, children don’t even need to know there are firearms locked in the house.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) recently published its “Top Ten” list of safety tips firearm owners should remember to help ensure they are taking responsible precautions with firearms in their home.

Fast Box Hidden gun safe for fast access

Fast Box hidden gun safe has become the most popular small gun safe in America. Mounts under a bed or anywhere. The fast access hidden gun safe is discreet, secure and virtually silent to operate.

Hidden Gun Safe

Where you need it when you need it fast!

Use several Fast Boxes in different locations around your home to be prepared for any crisis situation. SecureIt offers two sizes. Model 47 and Model 40. Both hidden gun safes can be used under beds, in closets, under counters or mounted in cars and trucks. Convert to vertical use with our Vertical Kit featuring CradleGrid Technology. Vertically, FAST Boxes store 2 rifles. The Model 47 has room above the long guns for handguns, ammo or other gear.

“Nearly all firearm accidents in the home can be prevented when gun owners take simple precautions, and proper storage is the number one way to help prevent accidents,” said Steve Sanetti, NSSF president, and CEO. “Anyone who is going to own a firearm should respect it and secure it when not in use to help prevent firearm accidents and misuse.”

NSSF’s Top Ten Safety Tips include:

  • Tip # 1 — Always keep the firearm’s muzzle pointed in a safe direction. A “safe direction” means that the gun is pointed so that even if an accidental discharge occurred, it would not result in injury.
  • Tip # 2 — Always keep your finger off the trigger until you actually intend to shoot. When handling a gun, rest your finger outside the trigger guard or along the side of the gun. Don’t touch the trigger until you are actually ready to fire.
  • Tip # 3 — Firearms should be unloaded when not actually in use. Whenever you pick up a gun, such as when removing it from or returning it to storage, remember to point it in a safe direction and make sure it is unloaded.
  • Tip # 4 — Be sure you know how your firearm operates: read the manual on your firearm, know how to safely open and close the action of the firearm and know how to safely remove any ammunition from the firearm and its magazine.
  • Tip # 5 — Store your firearms in a locked cabinet, safe, gun vault or storage case when not in use, ensuring they are in a location inaccessible to children and cannot be handled by anyone without your permission.
  • Tip # 6 — Store your ammunition in a locked location separate from firearms.
  • Tip # 7 — Use a gun locking device that renders the firearm inoperable when not in use. A gun lock should be used as an additional safety precaution and not as a substitute for secure storage.
  • Tip # 8 — Make sure young people in your home are aware of and understand the safety guidelines concerning firearms. Reminder them that if they find an unattended firearm in their home or a neighbor’s to not touch it, and tell an adult.
  • Tip # 9 — Always unload, clean and place your firearms in their secure storage location immediately after returning from a hunting trip or a day at the range.
  • Tip # 10 — Educate everyone in your family about firearms safety. Visit the Project ChildSafe website for safety information and to find out where to get a free firearm safety kit in your area.

Children don’t need to know.

Keep all guns locked and out of sight. We’ve all heard the saying “Out of sight, Out of mind.” Until your child is old enough to understand — don’t touch, please be responsible and take the proper precautions.

out of sight

Be Prepared!

Fast access hidden gun safe

Hidden Gun Safe: Fast Box Vertical Kit

Convert your Fast Box with a SecureIt Vertical Kit

Quickly and easily convert your horizontal Fast Box Model 47 or Model 40 to store two firearms vertically for fast access. Our Vertical Kit contains two patented upper cradles with bungees and one lower stock base. This application allows you to properly store two firearms in a vertical position.

The Kit:

fast box vertical kit

Added to a Fast Box

FAST BOX- Vertical Kit

CradleGrid Technology

To retrofit a Fast Box you simply place the stock base in the bottom of the box and hang the patented upper cradles on the back grids. The system quickly converts the Fast Box to store virtually any rifle for fast access. It gives you straight line access to either gun meaning you can remove either gun quickly without having to move the other one. The holes on the bottom and sides of the box at all four corners allow you to bolt Fast Boxes together. You can stack them or set them up like lockers. If you’ve got young shooters they can have access to their 22 without having to grant access to larger caliber weapons.

Locked Gun storage-Youth

The most flexible gun storage on the market

Fast access hidden guyn safe

With rifle, handgun and gear storage options you can do almost anything with a Fast Box Hidden Gun Safe

Using the pad on your workbench

When using the vertical kit, the pad is removed from the Fast Box. It very versatile, so don’t throw it away. This pad can be used on your bench for cleaning guns or for gun maintenance.

Gun cleaning

If you take safety and security seriously, and you’ve got guns around the house, make the smart choice and get a SecureIt Fast Box.

Shop: Fast Box Hidden Gun Safe

Universal Weapon Rack Upgrade

Upgrade your legacy systems

Before you scrap your old, outdated universal weapon racks, consider upgrading them. Save 70% on your armory renovation with SecureIt® weapon rack upgrade kits with CradleGrid™ technology.

Go from old outdated systems to simple modern weapon storage

Go from 85 different brackets and components to just one

See how SecureIt stores all your weapons with just 1 simple moving part.


There are thousands of weapon racks like this used in armories throughout the military. Developed about 15 years ago at a time when M16s and M4s had iron sights and little modularity

Get a quote to upgrade your weapon racks

Before you scrap old and outdated weapon racks, consider upgrading the cabinets to modern standards.

Upgrade Kits:

SecureIt weapon rack upgrade kits with CradleGrid technology allow you to easily retrofit old and outdated weapon storage racks and cabinets and bring them to modern military standards. Store a wider variety of weapons and gear much easier than previously. Your armorer can leverage the flexibility of the CradleGrid system to set up the weapon cabinets and armory in a manner that best meets the mission objectives and armory workflow.


The SecureIt Weapon Storage Platform will store any rifle, shotgun, crew-served weapons, and most shoulder-launched weapon systems. Learn more: SecureIt Weapon Storage Platform

Store weapons and gear in any combination or arrangement

There are no unique brackets or extra components required when you need to make changes.


The SecureIt weapon storage platform upgrades with CradleGrid technology is an affordable and easy to install solution that will bring your old, inefficient armory up to modern standards at a fraction of the cost of new weapon racks.

The system can be installed into an active armory one rack at a time, so interruption of normal activity is minimal.

To learn more, contact your SecureIt dealer or request information. We can quickly schedule a site visit at your location and give you an arms room assessment.

Before you commit to buying new weapon racks, consider an upgrade.

How to Upgrade Your Existing Gun Cabinet

There are around 13 million Stack-On® gun boxes in America

That’s 13 million gun cabinets that do not properly store modern rifles and shotguns. The challenge with traditional firearms storage solutions is they do not take into account the size and form factor of modern sporting rifles or traditional rifles with scopes.


SecureIt® Conversion Kits Solve the Problem

Here we have a typical Stack-On® gun cabinet. In this example, the cabinet has an advertised capacity of 14 rifles. As you can see there is no way you will come close to fitting 14 modern sporting rifles in this cabinet.

The plastic barrel holder does not provide the proper standoff for AR platform firearms or traditional rifles with scopes. The guns end up leaning against each other and the risk of damage is greatly increased.

Upgrading Your Stack-On Cabinet

Below, we are using the SecureIt® Retrofit 6 conversion kit.

Retrofit 6 Gun Safe Conversion Kit

SecureIt’s patented gun safe conversion kits feature CradleGrid™ technology, allowing you to upgrade your existing gun cabinet or gun safe to properly store modern sporting and tactical rifles, as well as traditional rifles and shotguns. Each conversion kit features an assortment of adjustable firearm storage components and is designed to address a wide variety of applications at affordable price points.

SecureIt Retrofit Kit 6 installed in-cabinet

The louvered grid panels are installed on the back of the Stack-On cabinet


In this installation, we used peel and stick Velcro®. It works really well and is fast and easy to install. The Velcro strips are placed horizontally since this install will only hold the rifle cradles and support little additional weight. There is not much vertical load on the grids in this configuration so, there is not much need for a lot of Velcro. If you are going to use a lot of bins to store accessories and gear, run three strips of Velcro vertically, the length of each grid. This will provide maximum shear strength and allow you store in excess of 50 lbs of rifles, accessories, and gear on the grids, using the movable components of the CradleGrid system.


Proper storage for modern firearms

Here we see how to properly store modern and traditional firearms together in one cabinet. The SecureIt Tactical CradleGrid system provides the proper standoff from the back of the cabinet. It provides proper spacing for storing all modern sporting rifles (AR15, AR10, AK47, etc.) and rifles with scopes, and is quickly adjustable to accommodate the widely varying lengths of firearms today.

Stack-On gun cabinet upgrade, using a SecureIt Retrofit Kit 6 which leverages CradleGrid technology.

Here we are properly storing:

  • Remington 700 308 bull barrel
  • AR10 SuperSASS with Leupold Mk IV Scope
  • Colt Comp AR15
  • FN SCAR with Acog
  • S&W AR15 with Eotech
  • RPD machine gun

Remember – Respect for firearms does not end when you close the door

Simple & Amazing Storage Bins

Modular Storage Bins

When it comes to efficiency in a modern armory or a weapon storage system, organization is the key element! SecureIt® CradleGrid Technology modular storage bins provide simple and effective storage solutions that add a superior level of organization.

handgun, ammo, and gear storage

No mess storage for cleaning supplies or reloading equipment

storing gun cleaning supplies

Cleaning materials should be stored in bins. Were your cleaner to leak in these bins, the mess would remain in the bin rather than spilling over firearms, equipment or supplies beneath it.

Brushes and products for cleaning and maintaining odd, or large caliber firearms can be stored in a bin set in the grid next to, or behind, the gun. When you need to perform maintenance or clean your firearms, you can easily take the gun and the bin, loaded with all the supplies, tools and materials specifically used for that firearm, over to your workbench bench. After the tasks at hand have been completed, return everything to the cabinet or gun safe.

Ammo Storage

rifle ammo storage in bins

Specialized or precision ammunition can be stored with its associated firearm in the same manner. This will allow for efficient inventorying along with quick access.

Maximize space behind guns

bins behind guns storage

SecureIt’s small bins will fit behind barrels or stocks of most firearms. This maximizes every cubic inch of space inside a tactical gun safe or firearms cabinet.

Store specialized ammo or parts behind a gun

30 roound magazine storage

Shells and magazines that are stored behind their associated shotguns and rifles (which were removed for this second photo).

Maximize gun storage space

The SecureIt CradleGrid system, using the three sizes of bins offered, maximizes every cubic inch of space and maintains high efficiency and organization.

High-density handgun, ammo, and gear storage

Pistol storage in bins

In the law enforcement application above, M9s and magazines are stored above the shotgun rounds and AR15 magazines.

SecureIt modular bins offer a level of storage and organization that is unmatched.

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Weapon Racks – The Easy Way to Weapon Storage

Understanding the SecureIt® Patented Cradle

Proper tools allow you to overcome all challenges. We’re providing the tools that are revolutionizing the way weapons are stored.


Designed under contract with US Army Special Forces. This one cradle will store every weapon in a SOCOM armory, or in any other military, police or civilian armory.


All Other Systems

Other systems require you to purchase a different bracket for each weapon type.

This means that you have to be very careful to get the correct brackets to match your weapons list. Every time you have to store a different weapon system, you will have to purchase new brackets


The SecureIt Cradle

The patented cradle works effortlessly within the SecureIt® CradleGrid™ system. It adjusts vertically throughout the cabinet for maximum height flexibility. Once positioned, the cradle can be locked in place; such as when used for seismic transport (mobile applications). Cradles are able to use a bungee tie-down to secure weapon rails, barrels or slings, improving organization and quick weapon retrieval.


Upper Cradle Standoff and Optics

The space between the weapon and the back wall is such with the SecureIt cradle, that the rifle can be stored with the magazine in the mag-well and optics in place. The stand-off also provides enough space to hold additional magazines or related gear behind the weapon.

The M4 in the image above has an EOTech and the AR10 SASS has a Leupold MK4 scope. There is enough stand-off space provided by the SecureIt cradle to store rifles with up to 5″ diameter thermal imaging scopes.

Mag-well support (M4/M16) allows for storage of more gear behind the weapon. The cradle is designed to allow a barrel, forearm rail system or mag-well to fit into the recess, holding the weapon securely in any direction. Securing weapons in this manner allows bins or shelving to fit in behind them, optimizing available space.

Above you will see an M4 with the cradle enveloping the rail. In place behind it is a CradleGrid storage tray holding 30 round magazines. Also, referred to earlier, is an above image of the same cradle securing the mag-well. Storing an M4 using the mag well support allows for storage of larger items behind the barrels.

The last photo above shows how storing a Colt Comp AR15 with a large Nikon scope can be accommodated. The scope is mounted to a tall riser, yet the cradle provides enough stand-off to allow the optic to fit comfortably in place, without the need to worry about it getting pressed out of adjustment or the armorer having to remove it.

Bungee Cleats

There are cleats formed into the top of the cradle, to accept the bungee tie-down cord. The use of commercial off the shelf products like the bungees makes system adjustment and modification very easy. Accessory mounting holes are also pre-drilled at the top, were the armorer to want to “bundle” other CradleGrid accessories, such as a shelf, with the cradle.

Bungee Tie-Downs

Bungee cords work better than any other system on the market. They are very strong, non-marring, easily adjustable and available at hardware stores. They can also be adapted to solve many storage challenges such as using a bungee tie down for mobile applications.

Rifle Sling Organization

This is unique to the patented SecureIt system. Above you can see how the use of a bungee tie downs keep the rifle slings secure and tight to the rifle. When slings are loose it can be difficult to remove rifles from the weapon rack or gun safe.